Our Projects Each TDC property development initiative is managed with the utmost care to ensure feasibility as well as nuanced design, functionality and value creation within the local community. Our portfolio of key established projects comprises Setlhoa Residential and Commercial and Tlokweng Residential and Commercial. These are unpacked further below, whilst future developments continue to be worked on and will be announced as and when relevant.

Setlhoa Village Development Project

Setlhoa Village is the proud flagship project of TDC, and brings residential and commercial opportunity that boasts a use of space and design for the ultimately security, convenience, healthy living, exclusivity, and accessibility vision made real.

The architectural beauty that is Setlhoa Village continues to draw the keen eye of those in the property industry, as the development not only continues to take shape, but also to attract new residents and tenants. As Gaborone’s boundaries continue to grow further, expanding the city limits as the capital’s population grows in both size and scale, it is clear for all to see that the calibre of property development itself is now well beyond that seen years ago. Setlhoa Village is very much the new gem skirting the lines between Gaborone centre and Gaborone North, at the heart of a burgeoning new hub of land development.

Setlhoa Village was born out of a desire to create a high standard of living for as many Batswana as possible through world-class property solutions. It neighbours Sebele Centre and Airport Junction malls, and is also close to North Gate Mall, allowing access to offices, restaurants, a park and a targeted shopping.

Ipeleng Villas

Ipeleng Villas are located in the heart of Tlokweng, Gaborone. This luxury multi-residential estate, consists of eight 3-bedroom apartment units for rent. Ipeleng Villas offers an environment and lifestyle that appeals to the modern individual, providing residents with a sophisticated, modern and high-class setting, with state of the art security. Ipeleng Villas are located in close proximity to Riverwalk Mall, enabling nearby access to offices, restaurants, a targeted shopping area and a nearby gym.


The design of the property was done with the modern city resident in mind, keen to be close to the bustle of the city, and yet just slightly removed from the centre of Gaborone for more peace and quiet.


A true testament to the signature TDC style, the use of space and design is both functional and aesthetic. Rooted in its name “Ipeleng” (with pride), Ipeleng Villas adds to the growing pride and passion of the TDC portfolio and speaks to the unique beauty in our property development.

Setlhoa Village Gallery

April 2018

Setlhoa Village Office Park

Setlhoa Village Residential Estate

December 2020 Security Equipment Handover


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Ipeleng Villas

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