Our Team The TDC team lives our Values each and every day in working to realise the Purpose, Vision and Mission of the organisation. Each and every member is wholly committed to our blue sky thinking and desire to effect true and sustainable positive development across Botswana’s skyline.when relevant.

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Sito Nchindo

Sito Nchindo is the Managing Director of Tourism Development Consortium (PTY) LTD (‘TDC’), a property development company based in Gaborone, Botswana. Sito has been happily married for 14 years and counting and has raised two wonderful young men. In his professional life, Sito is passionate about building successful enterprises.

Sito’s school years started in Gaborone and continued in England, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy, Politics & Economics from Keele University in Staffordshire. Sito has represented his country for field hockey and been a fierce competitor on a quad bike during his younger years.

Over the past 29 years, Sito has been growing and managing a wide range of Businesses in Botswana. Staring as an economic consultant in 1991, Sito has managed a security company, the distribution for a major food manufacturing company, run retail stores and a chemical manufacturing operation, and been involved in growing a domestic asset management company from domestic start-up to over USD1 billion in assets under management company over a nine-year period. Each of the wide range of enterprises, have built on and developed his understanding of business and human interaction, be it a client, co-worker or business owner.

Sito is, and has been, a Director of several companies, all of which he had been incredibly honoured to serve and, hopefully, bring an insightful, steady and unflappable hand to the helm.

A great deal of satisfaction has come from developing, along with a fantastic team at TDC, 71 hectares of bare earth into a mini suburb, comprising of 229 beautiful residences and a new home for over 35 commercial enterprises at Setlhoa and there is still more to do.

As Sito’s great mentor used to say, “Whatever it is that you do in life, be it a mechanic, a car thief, an entrepreneur, or a prostitute, BE THE BEST AT IT.”

Anthony Nchindo

Anthony is the Projects and Operations Manager for Tourism Development Consortium (PTY) LTD, a position he has held since 2007.

He has had experience in many fields during his working career which include property management, large scale manufacturing, risk management, project management and the security industry.

Having been given the opportunity to travel to various parts of the world in his younger years, he returned home in the early 90’s with a dream of a better lifestyle for all Batswana and today, together with the help of the great team at TDC both past and present, is realising a huge part of that dream with the creation of Setlhoa Village, now entering its final phases of development.

He considers himself to be a passionate pupil in the study of everyday life, an outdoor enthusiast, an accomplished PC gamer, a certified DIY master and an avid sports lover, although, contrary to this fact, he is also a lifelong Arsenal fan.

He has been married for eighteen years and raising four children and he hopes that he can continue to strive to make Botswana a better place to live for all its citizens and to bring improvement opportunities for prosperity and hope to our country.

Nicky Gutfreund

Nicky Gutfreund is the Marketing Manager of Tourism Development Consortium, a family-run property development company based in Gaborone, Botswana.

Nicky’s school years started in Gaborone, continued in England and ended in Cape Town where she was awarded a Diploma in Public Relations from Cape Peninsula University (formerly Cape Tech) in 1999. From there, Nicky joined De Beers’ PR department in London where she dealt in crisis management, stakeholder engagement and reputation building during a critical time for the company as they privatised their entity. She then joined Hill and Knowlton in New York, a vibrant and multi-national public relations consultancy with 80 global offices and a multitude of clients.

Her working life in New York began one week before September 11th, 2001, an event that helped shape her character. Nicky worked on campaigns for Unilever Foods, Ernst & Young, America Express, Sony PlayStation and skippy Peanut Butter.

Nicky honed her public relations skill set from a variety of engagements including the glamorous launch party for the PlayStation Spider-Man game, media training and analysis for Sony and a dog show for Haagen-Dazs! Nicky returned home Botswana in 2002 and started her own agency, the Public Relations company, based in Gaborone. She conceived and organized the first Financial Services Fair in 2004 and for the next 4 years until she closed the shop and joined TDC.

It’s such a blessing and privilege to work with your family in a job you enjoy and are passionate about. I cherished the time with my dad and am honoured to fulfil his vision for Setlhoa Village and what it represents.”

Nicky is the proud mother of Gabriella and the happy (and patient) wife of Gary.

Michelle Nchindo

Mmathebe Michelle Nchindo was born on the 20th August 1976 in Gaborone, the capital of Botswana. She has lived in Botswana most of her life, however, at the beginning of her teen years she left for England to attend boarding school.

She returned home to pursue a career in marketing, and was offered an entry level position at Naledi Motors, Botswana’s largest luxury car dealership.

The opportunity arose for her to gain some experience in the hospitality industry; a career she had not previously considered. She took up the position of Customer relation’s officer at Chobe Game Lodge, a five-star resort in Northern Botswana.

In 1999 she was offered a place at E’cole des Roches (hotel School Les Roche) in Switzerland, where she completed an Associate Degree in Food and Beverage, and a Diploma in hotel management. During this time, she carried out her Chef training period at the Grand Palm Global Resort.

In 2002 she traveled to Australia to complete a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, at the International College of Hotel Management (ICHM-SHA) in Adelaide. She returned home and began working for her sister at the Public Relations Company, managing the office.

At the end of 2006 she traveled to Canada to visit family and decided to take a few creative courses over four months she was there. He then moved to Johannesburg to study photography full time at the National School of Photography in Bedfordview, she graduated in June 2008 with a gold and silver award in Portraiture.

In 2013 Michelle joined TDC as the Administration Manager, her vision for the company is to see the Setlhoa Development completed as her late envisaged.

Boitswarelo Kgopisi

Boitswarelo is a seasoned Business Administrator at Tourism Development Consortium (PTY) LTD with remarkable record of top performance and the proven ability to practical skills to the theory of Customer care services. Combines strategic and tactical Real Estate Administration expertise with strong problem-solving skills, sense of accountability and assertiveness.

She is good at recognizing great talent and putting them to use in the right ways. Boitswarelo understands that good employees need to be most productive, and how to get the best work out of them and she knows how to identify which people will collaborate the best and on which tasks, with her experience she knows how to build her network and capitalize on existing networks. The ability to network helps her promote her brand and connect with other influential people who can help her organization advance.

Boitswarelo has her pulse on trends and tools and quick to make smart changes to maintain a competitive advantage. As a Business Administrator, she has the ability to adapt to challenge and feel comfortable adopting new strategies. She has the ability to find healthy ways to manage her stress levels and she is also humble and modest.

Boitswarelo has good deductive reasoning ability and resourcefulness, analysing and evaluating different scenarios and possibilities. With her commitment she has the ability to develop a deep understanding of the business and the industry in which she operates, properly set priorities and allocate resources to ensure that the customer care supports the firm growth and plans. She is a professional who has a strong sense of right and wrong and possess unwavering ethics regardless of circumstances.

Itumeleng Raseleka

Itumeleng is a qualified Marketing degree holder from the University of Botswana class of 2018, and holder of two accredited certificates in Chinese language from the Confucius Institute.

Itumeleng is a vibrant team player who joined Tourism Development Consortium (PTY) LTD (TDC) in 2019 as a business administration officer. On a daily basis, Itumeleng is responsible for effective and efficient day to day business operation, these include clerical and secretarial services in the office, site inspections, and being a point of contact and link between TDK management and the different stakeholders of the business to help accomplish a shared goal.

Through the vast experiences of working with numerous teams, Itumeleng has learnt to take responsibility of tasks from a strategic planning and implementation point. Itumeleng has extensive familiarity in the world of administration and some of her previous works, prior to TDC, were being a Personal Assistant, and an Executive Assistant to the Group Management Director of some of the most reputable organizations in the country.

Itumeleng believes in making the best of each day, because tomorrow is not guaranteed!

Kabo Emmar Manaka

Kabo is a self-motivated, goal directed and result orientated young professional in possession of a bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems (Science) from the University of Botswana and an extensive experience spanning over 2 years in the Business administration field. Kabo is and effective communicator, persuasive and adaptable to different situations and had a keen interest into the needs and views of others and identify issues of problem areas and initiate innovative solutions. She is professional, personable and articulate in presentation.

Currently employed by the Tourism Development Consortium where she is responsible of Business Administration Operations including Stakeholder Relations and Corporate Communication. She possesses extensive experience in business strategy development and implementation. As a self-motivated individual with energy, initiative and focus, Kabo founded a successful tutoring business as a High School graduate, which shaped her business development and business administrative skills. Kabo has an impressive professional career in Media and Television, where she worked as a Presenter in local production were, she interviewed different Local artists and Poets. She also has extensive professional modelling experiences and has done a number of photo shoots for local fashion houses and retailers.

Kabo has excellent public speaking skills and efficient in MS office applications like MS word, Excel, Outlook and power point. Furthermore, she possesses the ability to maintain a professional attitude when working under pressure and in high stress situations and keen to listen and learn from colleagues in order to best represent the organization.